Founded in 2014, Plane Paper Theatre are dedicated to creating a platform for emerging theatre makers to develop and produce original work that explores interesting questions and themes. Through the development of new writing, Plane Paper Theatre provides a public space for marginalised voices to be heard. 

Plane Paper Theatre are Associate Artists of Live Theatre, Newcastle

Praise for Odd Shaped Balls

Ultimately Odd Shaped Balls was a really fantastic and powerful show that approached a difficult subject with a wonderful mixture of humour and lip quivering emotion.

London Theatre 1

Odd Shaped Balls is not just a stunning play; it’s a precious gift to humanity.

Broadway Baby

There are plenty of laughs and Matthew Mars gives colour to a lot of different characters but the power comes in the expose of the homophobia in sport and the impact it can have.

Rev Stan

As exciting, engaging and entertaining as fringe theatre gets.

Gay Times

Everything that fringe theatre should be.

Everything Theatre

Andrew Twyman’s assured direction brings out all the pathos and irony in Sheridan’s writing.

The Reviews Hub

It is testimony to the quality of the production that the constraints of place and presentation disappeared under the focus and drive of the performance and took the audience to the centre of the drama in complete concentration, but with plenty of laughs along the way.

Live Theatre UK

A powerful and moving story, sensitively told by the talented Matthew Marrs

West End Wilma

It’s hysterically funny, psychologically real, respects and deserves its audience.


Odd Shaped Balls fills the audience with laughter, confronts attitudes towards homosexuality and attacks the damage that social media can cause.

Scatter Of Opinion

Odd Shaped Balls delves into a world not often explored, homophobia in sports is certainly not widely discussed, and it does so in a convincing way. Not only that, but it’s an unexpectedly beautiful piece of theatre.

Theatre Tourist

Praise for Don’t Smoke In Bed

Don’t Smoke In Bed makes important points about how uncomfortable we still are with openly discussing race, gender and domestic violence.

A Younger Theatre

Aurin Squire writes an insightful analysis of a modern-day couple with age-old problems.

The Reviews Hub

The play is an honest and raw exploration of the expectations and pressures imposed by society on interracial couples in contemporary America. Eye-opening and troubling, Don’t Smoke in Bed will force audiences to re-evaluate their understanding of modern society.

The Up Coming

Complex and powerful exploration of racial tension in the USA today. The masterly writing and the bold, impassioned performances form the core of this play, and they alone are more than enough to make Don’t Smoke In Bed a vitally important hard hitter.

Theatre and Performance Guide and Guru

Well worth a look for anyone interested in contemporary race and gender politics.

London Pub Theatre

Squire absolutely nails the quandary of white liberal guilt.

There Ought To Be Clowns

The chemistry between Latham and Lockett is undeniable.

Ginger Wig & Strolling Man

Greg Lockett as Richard and particularly Claire Latham playing Sheryl, who… inject the piece with life and humour.

British Theatre Guide